Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

For aland, innovation is one of the most important development strategies and an inexhaustible motive force for its sustainable growth. aland has established three international R&D centers and a global integration platform of service, to improve R&D info-sharing, quality system unification and information system interaction among them, recruited professional nutritionists and health experts from different countries into its team and had broad cooperation with leading research institutes all around the world.

Innovation of formulas to meet diversified needs

Formulation upgrade: nutritional products now have become part of daily life. aland adapts itself to changing needs of consumers. Up to now aland has nearly 10000 innovations of formulas.

Cooperation with industry leaders to boost innovation

aland carries on a long-term university-industry cooperation with prestigious universities such as Holland University and Cambridge. In China, aland has worked with Nanjing University of Science & Technology on the human collagen research and built a national demonstration base, established aland Healthcare Product R&D Center with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, cooperated with Jiangsu University on the improvement of bioavailability through dosage form innovation and built a R&D platform for flavor innovation of nutritional products with Shanghai Institute of Technology.

Smart manufacturing

aland developed the innovative “New Product Manufacturing Platform” and an industrial Internet platform, to transform supply chain from traditional scale production to smart manufacturing., which can be of help to aland’s plan of building a big health industry chain, providing customers and consumers customized service in the near future.